This is the personal email domain for Bruce MacKay, family and friends. There is no public website here.

If you are having trouble emailing us, first confirm that you are spelling the domain name correctly. Outlook and other similar mail programs have a nasty habit of remembering email addresses, even when they are wrong!

Next you need to know that extreme SPAM controls are in place on all inbound mail. We use a number of external real time blacklists as well as a complex set of local rules. If you get flagged as a spammer, you will be blocked from sending any mail to our system for an extended period.

To our friends and associates who have legitimate reasons to send us email, we welcome you!

You might also try visiting Bruce's personal web site at,
Debbie's site for orthopaedic bracing at,
or the archive of Kate's robotics blog from 2005.

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